Skullduggery has a long and historical past, dating back as far as 1896. Wehave collated a few treasures from the Skullduggery archives to share with you below.

This article was written in the aftermath of Skullduggery 1969. Back then, ticket were $5, which included all of your beer, wine, softies, cheese, crisps, cigarettes, and French perfume!

These posters from 1978 and 1979 were found in the Barr Smith Library archives. It looks like in the late 70s, Skullduggery would have set you back only $4 compared to the $5 of the 60s. Perhaps the French perfume wasn’t included these years…

In 1996, Skullduggery was themed “Beer Wars”. While the event wasn’t ?all you can drink? as it soon became, $5 entry still got you 6 drinks! Check out this article from On Dit.

Here’s a promo video from 2005 when Skullduggery returned to the Adelaide University cloisters after a decade underground.

Check out this promo video from 2009, back in the when word art was all the rage!

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