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We can be reached in regard to our online payment services via email

The policy of the AMSS regarding refunds for purchases made by customers through our online payment services states:

1. Absolutely no refunds shall be provided, except in exceptional cases which will be determined by the AMSS Executive;

2. The AMSS shall contain on its website the AMSS Refund Application Form (see link below);

2.1. Only applications for refunds submitted in this manner and providing full information in compliance with the Application Form will be considered by the AMSS Executive.

3. All discussion regarding applications for refunds, and reasons for the refusal or granting of such application shall be fully recorded in the minutes of the relevant AMSS Executive meeting(s);

3.1. The AMSS Executive discussion regarding such application will remain, in all cases, confidential from all other parties, including the members and the Non-Executive officers of the AMSS ;

4. In the event of the determination of an exceptional case, the AMSS Executive shall have full rights to decide:

4.1. Whether any refund is provided; and
4.2. A total or partial refund of any monetary amount is provided.

5. The aforementioned points 2.1 and 2.2 must be determined through unanimous agreement of the AMSS Executive.

5.1. In the event that a unanimous agreement cannot be reach by the AMSS Executive, absolutely no refund shall be provided in the respective case.

6. If the AMSS Executive unanimously agrees to provide any refund:

6.1. The AMSS Executive shall notify the customer within one week of the date of the decision to provide the total or partial refund:

6.1.1. The AMSS Executive will notify the customer of the date upon which the decision was made;
6.1.2. The AMSS Executive will notify the customer of the amount to be refunded.

6.2. The refund will be provided to the customer in question within one month of the date of the decision to provide the relevant refund.

7. Absolutely no appeal or argument will be accepted in regards to any application for any refund, whether the application is rejected outright, considered and dismissed, considered and partially approved, or considered and fully approved.

Please click this link to download theAMSS Refund Request.